Web Application Security

Web application security refers to a variety of processes, technologies, or methods for protecting web servers, web applications, and web services such as APIs from attack by Internet-based threats. Web application security is crucial to protecting data, customers, and organizations from data theft, interruptions in business continuity, or other harmful results of cybercrime.

What Is Web Application Security?

By most estimates, more than three-quarters of all cybercrime targets applications and their vulnerabilities. Web application security products and policies strive to protect applications through measures such as web application firewalls (WAFs), multi-factor authentication (MFA) for users, the use, protection, and validation of cookies to maintain user state and privacy status, and various methods for validating user input to ensure it is not malicious before that input is processed by an application.

Why Is Web Application Security Important?

The world today runs on apps, from online banking and remote work apps to personal entertainment delivery and e-commerce. It’s no wonder that applications are a primary target for attackers, who exploit vulnerabilities such as design flaws as well as weaknesses in APIs, open-source code, third-party widgets, and access control.

Common attacks against web applications include:

Brute force

Credential stuffing

SQL injection and formjacking injections

Cross-site scripting

Cookie poisoning

Man-in-the-middle (MITM) and man-in-the-browser attacks

Sensitive data disclosure

Insecure deserialization

Session hijacking

One recent study1 estimated that cybercrime will cost $5.2 trillion in lost value across all industries by 2024. Another estimated the losses will reach $6 trillion annually before then2. Security devices and technologies are crucial for limiting, if not eliminating, such costs. In addition to direct financial and data theft, web application threats can destroy assets, customer goodwill, and business reputations. That makes web application security imperative for organizations of all sizes.

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