Cyber Proof Your Enterprise with a Security CheckUp

The Cyber Pandemic is here. A Security Checkup ensures you have maximum protection. Register for an immediate analysis.

99% of all organizations are not protected against cyber attacks.

Cyber security problems seldom jump out at you the way normal IT issues do. This is because cyber attackers purpose-build cyber threats to avoid detection.

The best way to troubleshoot cyber security is with a no-cost Security CheckUp from Check Point. Our experts will analyze your network and collect comprehensive data on active threats to your complete environment including networks, endpoints and mobile devices. At the end of the analysis period, you will receive a comprehensive report that includes:

    • The number of malware infections
    • Usage of high risk web applications
    • Intrusion attempts and bot attacks
    • Loss of sensitive data
    • Threats to endpoints and mobile devices
    • Key recommendations to protect your network